Where the Candidates Stand in Each State

I complied some polling data and used “mapchart.net” to put it in map form. Looking at this map, you see that Biden is leading in most of the states with the exceptions of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Expect this to fade as we get closer to the real primary, and as we watch more debates, and as more candidates drop out.

No big surprises on this map, Sanders is in second place nationally for now. These numbers are not set in stone right now, as we get more post-debate polling I expect Harris to start polling in second in some of theses states especially her home state of California and the southern states as well.

A little more candidate diversity on this map as you can see Harris is in third place in some pretty big state that hold a lot of delegates. To advance further, she will need to get her name out there, and have great debate performances like she had in June. Warren had a pretty good debate performance; she practically had the debate stage to herself. She was able to talk about her policies capture a lot of the liberal vote. I expect her to overtake Sanders for second place in some states.

I will be doing these articles regularly as more polling comes out.

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