Fundraising Frenzy

Today is the deadline for federal Candidates running for office to release their fundraising totals for the second quarter. Here’s some of the numbers we have so far. (Numbers are approximate)

1.Trump campaign and The RNC $108 million

2. Mayor Buttigieg $24.8 million

3. Former VP Biden $21.5 million

4. Sen. Warren $19.1 million

5. Sen. Sanders $18 million

6. Sen. Harris $12 million

7. Michael Bennet $3.5 Million

8. Jay Inslee $3 Million

9. Julián Castro $2.8 Million

10. Kirsten Gillibrand $2.3 Million

11. Steve Bullock $2 Million

Just looking at these numbers, you can see Trump has an enormous advantage. This giant war chest will allow him to buy plenty of ads and get his message out there, while the other party squabbles to find a candidate. Now looking at the democratic field, you see Mayor Buttigieg leading with almost 25 million. This is an impressive total for a mayor. Another surprise that I saw was that Warren was able to edge out Sanders by about a million dollars. Additionally, I expected Harris to do a little better, maybe around the fifteen dollar mark.

If you look lower down the list you see Bennet and Inslee doing respectively well, especially after their sub-par debate performances. Unlike the campaigns of Castro and Gillibrand who didn’t do very well in terms of fundraising. One thing to keep in mind is that fundraising in campaigns will be used to keep the campaign running. Usually when candidates drop out, it is because they don’t have the funds to keep going. Finally, understand that fundraising is only a part of how you track a candidates’ performance, polling, media coverage, and debate performance come into to play as well.

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